A variety of Genres

Young (and not so young) Readers

My Dog Tales Series of heartwarming stories will entice readers ages 7+ and take them to exciting  places! If you love dogs and travel this series will be enjoyable. My latest, THE VALLEY FORGE DOG will also appeal to history buffs with a story that takes place during the winter encampment of 1778.

Engaging Novellas

My New York Through the Times Series of fast paced inspiring stories set in NYC during various eras. My first in the series takes place during the power outage of 1977 that paralyzed NYC. 

Dr. Quinn and Little House On the Prairie will come to mind

Sisters Inn is a sweet romance set on America's Frontier in the 1870s. This highly acclaimed story of two women striving to make a successful business in the untamed West. An interesting guest list and story with several twists makes for a highly engaging read.

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